Chiki’sPancakes is a mini pancake business with various toppings and personalized styles. We offer a variety of pancake bases, including gluten-free and corn options, allowing customers to customize their pancakes to their preferences. Additionally, we reward customer loyalty with discounts on future visits.






Chikispancakes, is a small Latin women business from Richmond founded in 2021. 

I’m Alexa Agüero I came from my country Venezuela in 2017 with my husband Jose Miguel and my daughter Alessandra. 

In December 2021, I had my first participation as an entrepreneur in a holiday bazaar organized by the Venconmigo foundation in the City of Richmond, Virginia. Where with only a plastic table, a mini pancake machine and a lot of desire to succeed I stared this venture called Chikispancake, which has received a lot of acceptance from the general public.


With a lot of effort, discipline and dedication to the year of starting this road, we were able to open the first mini pancake restaurant in the entire city of Richmond and now I'm very excited because with the help of our food trailer and this restaurant we hope to expand all over the sate of Virginia and become America’s first mini pancakes franchese.